Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Julie Johnson Music + Art Show >> Art-A-Whirl 2010 at the Thorp & CBC

May 14th  |  7pm-8pm
Historic Thorp Building & CBC
1620 Central Avenue NE  |  Minneapolis, MN  |  Suite 128

As part of this spring’s Art-A-Whirl, the gallery and studio tour in Northeast Minneapolis, Julie Johnson will be doing a joint show with Minneapolis painter T.J. Malaske, in her beautiful new studio in the Thorp Building & CBC on Central Avenue. The show highlights their shared interest in using historical sources for their work.

She'll be playing with two of  her groups, Julie Johnson & The No-Accounts (Doug Otto and Drew Druckrey), and The JuBo Duo (Bonnie Hering). The program will be comprised of all of her own pieces and arrangements, including new solo pieces; old North Woods shanty boy songs; “Araber Tantz,” an Arabic dance; the Sephardic tune "Adio Querida"; and a version of Leadbelly’s “In the Pines” inspired by music from Carmen. T.J.’s selection of paintings and drawings based on historical and literary figures will include his provocative image of the young Alexei Nikolaevich, haemophiliac and doomed Tsarevich of Russia.

T.J. is a writer as well as an artist, and a true man about town— a researcher of historically famous Minnesota families, he has also worked in the local fashion industry. He brings the historical figures he depicts to vivid, often startlingly sensual life.

Admission is free and open to the public. Image is of T.J. Malaske's "Alexei" (pencil on paper, 10" X 7").

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art-A-Whirl 2010 at the Historic Thorp & CBC >> Under the Vic Chimney

Thank you to all the sponsors and contributors who are working hard to prepare for
Art-A-Whirl 2010 at the Historic Thorp Building & CBC
The opening reception event: Under the Vic Chimney will be the place to be on Friday night during Art-A-Whirl. Don't miss the cash bar and refreshments from Red Stag and NEMAA, fashion show: The Death of Red Shoe, and all the eye candy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Art-A-Whirl 2010 in the Thorp & CBC

Look for Historic Thorp & CBC tenant, Shawn McNulty, in the May issue of Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. Visit Shawn, and other Thorp & CBC artists, during Art-A-Whirl for a special meet and greet in the big space at the opening reception Under the Vic Chimney. Shawn will also be holding his studio open all weekend during Art-A-Whirl.

Under the Vic Chimney
Friday May 14th | 5pm-10pm
in the big space

- Meet & Greet with Thorp & CBC Artists and Creators
- Cash Bar and Refreshments courtesy of Red Stag Supper Club
- Fashion Photo Shoot presented by Costume the Cities and Vicknair Photography

8pm >> The Death of Red Shoe
Fashion Show by Kerry Riley with Red Shoe Clothing Co.

Over 35+ Historic Thorp & CBC studios will be open during Art-A-Whirl.
Visit the Historic Thorp & CBC Art-A-Whirl 2010 Open Studio Directory to learn more!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Minnesota artist, Jordan Kocak, will be displaying his artwork at the the Historic Thorp Building & CBC during Art-A-Whirl 2010 in the big space Under the Vic Chimney. Visit him along with over 35 Thorp & CBC artists and over 26 Bethel University artists during Art-a-Whirl this year!

please stay tuned for more information on Art-a-Whirl 2010 at the Thorp & CBC!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rascals’ Art – Children’s Summer Art Workshop

We invite you to visit the Children’s Room of the Pierre Bottineau Library for the viewing of three, collaborative, five foot, delightful, acrylic paintings created by student artists during the 2009 summer workshop with NE artist, Mary Welke.

Paintings on exhibit from April until the end of June in the Library located on 55 Broadway & Marshall Street NE, inside the old Grain Belt Brewery building. Phone 612.630.6890 for Library hours.
The three, five foot paintings on exhibit were created during the 2009 Children’s Summer Workshop with NE artist, Mary Welke.

• Jungle Painting, by Erica, age 9, Francesca, age 8 and Ava, age 6
• Seaworld, by Erica, Francesca and Ava
• Life on Mars, by Erica, Francesca and Ava

The idea originated with our discussion that art has many purposes. Mary Welke's objective was to give the girls an opportunity to make a very large painting they could work on as a team project. It was also important that the final results could serve the community in some way.

They discussed creating a painting that would make people happy. The initial focus was to exhibit at a children’s hospital to help cheer up the children. The painting could be adaptable to a variety of community locations, such as the Children’s Room at the Library.

Mary and her Rascals hope the three final paintings are successful in their objective and make you happy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Art, Fashion, Music and More...

via freight sessions "15 minutes of Fashion" in 2008   

The Thorp & CBC is a unique complex of building spaces, studios and hallways facing Central Ave. and extending to the train tracks near Monroe Street. Visiting during Art-A-Whirl, the Thorp & CBC will leave visitors in awe and bewilderment; from the roaming hallways to the eclectic blend of artists, artisans, craftsmen, fashionistas, musicians and our creative commercial community. Every year for Art-A-Whirl these forces combine to give our visitors a very unique Art-A-Whirl experience.

Don't miss Art-A-Whirl 2010 at the Thorp & CBC
May 14-15

Stay tuned for more news on what is happening Under the Vic Chimney this year!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Accumulated Objects Gallery | Thorp & CBC

Oil Paintings by Sherri Dahl.

Sherri Dahl will be showing paintings from her on-going "accumulated objects" series (2004-present). Depictions of heaping mounds of domesticated objects represent mass-production and the aftermath of it, mimicking the chaos we face in our time.

Opening Reception

Saturday, April 24th 6-11 pm

Accumulated Objects Gallery
1618 Central Ave Ne. (Lower Level)
Minneapolis, MN 55413
-located in the Thorp Building, under diamonds coffee shoppe.
Contact Sherri--612-670-5969
accumulated objects online @